Alice Cooper and the Many Faces of Rock

Alice Cooper is no doubt famous for his shocking persona. While many absolutely love the makeup, the stage antics and the style, others find that it’s just not their choice of music entertainment. Mr. Cooper opted to entertain the world by adhering to four distinct genres – he has

More Information about Alice Cooper

Highlights and Interesting Information about Alice Cooper Perhaps one of the many events or incidents that caused a great deal of concern among members of society such as educators, parents, journalists and public personalities, which was largely covered by the media, took place back in 1969, when, reportedly, Alice

Rock and Roll Aesthetics

While many people think rock and roll is just about the music, that simply is not true for every band. Many bands and artists use the platform that rock music gives them to express themselves in other ways as well, notably with their style. Rocker style has become an

Choosing the Right Cover Band for Your Entertainment Needs

Cover bands are available for all types and styles of occasions. Get togethers, big or small, can all be changed from boring to amazingly entertaining through a cover band performance. The use of a cover band has multiple benefits that will suit any social occasion. Much like online gambling

Tribute Bands: What Do They Do?

A tribute band (or act, or group) is a band that plays covers specifically from one band (or act or group). This is often easily confused with a cover band. Cover bands play music from a variety of acts, rather than playing music from just one musical project. It

Live Concerts

In an age where online streaming video is so popular, many music fans neglect to consider the benefits of attending live concerts. Bands do spend a great deal of time composing their music to perform it live, and work to create unique concert experiences to entice fans to attend

The Alice Cooper Experience

Probably one of the first bands or artists that became a big hit in the heavy metal music industry and scene is Alice Cooper. The band has been active since the year 1964, with many hiatuses or periods where it disbanded and remained so for many years, often organizing

Why Artists form Tribute Bands

Many people say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This is perhaps never more true than when examining the many tribute bands that have formed over the course of musical history. There are many reasons that artists form tribute bands, and each band has a definite motivation