This site is all about the famous Alice Cooper and his band and some of the things throughout his performances that made him as popular as what he has become. Alice was originally named Vincent Damon Furnier and was born February 4, 1948.

Throughout the posts here you will be reading stories that give lots of details about Mr. Cooper and his journey through his musical career. Perhaps you will learn about a few things that you were not aware of, but at the very least you will find the information interesting and informative.

The UK over the years has been entertained through many different forms of music and the articles written here will enlighten you as to a few of these, such as some history about Tribute Bands and what they are all about and the expectations that are placed upon them.

You will also get the chance to read here a little about rock and roll in general as well as what cover bands are and some interesting information about live concerts.

It is the mandate of this site to focus most on Alice and his band and to look deeper into some of the events that led him to be the heavy metal rock star that he is. It is meant to be an additional resource of information for those that have an interest in music styles such as shock rock, glam rock, hard rock and heavy metal.

Hopefully you are going to be able to spend a lot of time here enjoying the stories about Alice Cooper.