Alice Cooper and the Many Faces of Rock

Alice Cooper is no doubt famous for his shocking persona. While many absolutely love the makeup, the stage antics and the style, others find that it’s just not their choice of music entertainment. Mr. Cooper opted to entertain the world by adhering to four distinct genres – he has many faces, and so is the music he decided to perform:

Shock Rockalice_cooper_band_performing_in_san_antonio_texas_2015

This subgenre blends in quite nicely with the Alice Cooper and his band. It’s a blend of rock music or heavy metal combined with theatrical performances that are meant to shock the audience in some way. Ozzy Osbourne is also a performer who has enjoyed success through shock rock, particularly by using, like Alice Cooper, lots of props and costumes in his live shows and videos.

Glam Rock

Glam rock could be considered a milder version of shock rock. This type of performance focuses on the artists wearing unique makeup along with out of the norm hairstyles and outrageous costumes. It really took off in the early 1970s in the UK, but had some prominent bands in the U.S. too. Alice Cooper and his band really capitalised on it.

Hard Rock

Hard rock began to be recognised in the 1960s and is best described as an offshoot of rock music. The lyrics of the songs are aggressive and bold, and the theatrics often include psychedelics and the use of blaring electrical guitars with loud drum back up.

Heavy Metal

Heavy metal and hard rock are often classed as one and the same. Distortion and amplification are two of its attributes. It too became most popular between the 1960s and 70s.

These were all genres of music that Alice and his group performed that brought them the attention that they were looking for. Some of their stunts were not well received by some, but overall their popularity grew for the age group that were mesmerised by the type of music this band was able to perform.