Live Concerts

In an age where online streaming video is so popular, many music fans neglect to consider the benefits of attending live concerts. Bands do spend a great deal of time composing their music to perform it live, and work to create unique co640px-alice_cooper_and_orianthi_2012-10-28ncert experiences to entice fans to attend live shows. There are numerous reasons to attend live concerts including:

  • Learn about the artist – Live concerts are great platforms for artists to express themselves both musically and verbally. Many musicians take time during live concerts to talk to the audience and share personal stories or anecdotes. If you think you know everything about your favorite artist, attending a concert can provide you with a unique and new perspective.
  • Meet other fans – One of the incredible things about music is how it brings people from all walks of life together. Concerts are excellent chances to meet other people who share your passion for the music you love.
  • Hear unique versions of songs – With digital music becoming so popular, your favorite song might be seared into your memory. However, attending a concert gives you the chance to hear a new version of the song when it is performed live. Many artists use concerts as a time to change up their most popular songs by adding new instruments, playing acoustic versions, or even altering lyrics to match specific occasions.
  • Meet the band – Many artists have scheduled meet and greet events that fans can attend before or after live concerts. These are great opportunities for fans to get to interact with the band and possibly even get an autograph or a picture with them.
  • Hear new music – Artists often play samples of new songs that they are either recording or plan to release in the near future during live concerts. These rare glimpses into unreleased tracks give concert attendees a taste of what is to come and the musical direction the artist has chosen for future albums.