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Perhaps one of the many events or incidents that caused a great deal of concern among members of society such as educators, parents, journalists and public personalities, which was largely covered by the media, took place back in 1969, w8688727532_137d3921ed_bhen, reportedly, Alice Cooper’s front man threw a live chicken to the audience and was then killed savagely almost immediately by the concert attendees.

Needless to say that, clearly, no human or animal life is worth sacrificing in the name of publicity. This incident caused a stir in the media and Alice Cooper received harsh criticism from different sectors of society, alleging that it was a bad example for many of the younger fans that followed the band, given that the rather regrettable actions taken by the agitated crowd incited violent behavior.

Members of Alice Cooper expressed many years later, after the media storm and the public glare had passed, that they regretted doing what they had done and they acknowledged that it was reckless, stupid and some of them even admitted that they had no idea that the crowd would hurt the chickens, although it was obviously a dangerous thing to the animals’ health to be thrown into an audience of excited fans.

In any case, as mentioned before, this was probably a strategy devised by their manager in order to gain more public attention, quoting the famous phrase that “even bad publicity is good publicity”. In Alice Cooper’s case, this actually played to their advantage, given that since they received so much attention from the media, even if it was for a bad thing, people got to know them, their music and they became more famous and eventually, this helped them build a bigger fan base and reach out to more people and sell more records.