Rock and Roll Aesthetics

While many people think rock and roll is just about the music, that simply is not true for every band. Many bands and artists use the platform that rock music gives them to express themselves in other ways as well, notably with trock-1560869_960_720heir style. Rocker style has become an iconic way for musicians to express themselves and stand out from other musical acts. Some popular components of rock and roll style are:

  • Outstanding hair – For decades, rockers have used their hair to help them stand out. While the advent of rock music saw slicked-back pompadour styles, that trend gave way to more shocking looks in later decades. Perhaps the most famous type of rocker hair was popularized by 1980s bands that later became known as “hair bands.” These musical acts were frequently composed of men with very large, very teased hairstyles.
  • Dark clothing – Rock bands pride themselves on looking tough. One of the ways they do this is by dressing in dark colors. Many iconic rock and rollers wear all black outfits to enhance their tough image.
  • Tough accessories – You might think it is hard to wear tough looking jewelry, but rockers have perfected the art of finding tough looking accessories. Many rockers adorn themselves with metallic jewelry that shines and stands out against their often monochromatic outfits. Popular rock accessories are often comprised of spikes, skulls, and crosses. Some jewelry also incorporates leather elements, as rockers are big fans of the durable material in both their clothing and accessories.
  • Tattoos – Another hugely popular rock look is to be covered in visible tattoos. Historically, tattoos have been viewed as edgy and rebellious, which falls right within the rock and roll agenda. Many rockers get tattoos that signify tours they have been on, honor friends and family members, or mark countries they have visited while performing their music.