The Alice Cooper Experience

Probably one of the first bands or artists that became a big hit in the heavy metal music industry and scene is Alice Cooper. The band has been active since the year 1964, with many hiatuses or periods where it disbanded and remained so for many years, often organizing a few reunion tours every couple of years or so. T640px-alice_cooper_manchester_2011he success behind this prominent rock band was definitely not coincidental. There were countless hours of carefully planned marketing strategies invested into the money making machine that Alice Cooper became.

Everything, from the lyrics to the image of the band, was designed by Alice Cooper’s front man, together with his manager, in order to target and appeal to a particularly young audience, who sought to rebel against their parents and other institutions of society. The popular phrase “there is no such thing as bad publicity” was quoted by Alice Cooper’s manager many times while designing and discussing what their next move to cause public outrage would be and that is how they made sure to stay in the limelight from the very beginning, attracting new fans every time they were featured in a news report or public scandal. Probably, among one of the most condemnable.

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